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Prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Learn how to create business intelligence dashboards like this Retail Industry Analysis in this Microsoft Power BI certification training. The course will take you through all technical topics listed as coverage areas for the 70-778 certification.

Learn how to create business intelligence dashboards like this Retail Industry Analysis in this Microsoft Power BI certification training.CTA-Register-Now-Blue-Button-JPG-Graphic-Cave-1080x565

How will this course be conducted?

Many students aren’t able to get away from their office for a week of training or they can’t travel due to budget constraints.

We are offering this class as a live virtual class over Skype for Business to enable you to avoid travel costs. All sessions will be recorded and made available for review in case you miss part of a session due to work demands or if you need to go back and see it again.

The session schedule below is designed to provide students with the greatest schedule flexibility.

Does this include the exam fee as well?

Yes! This course includes the exam fee for 70-778. If you don’t pass it the first time, we’ll even pay for you to take it once again! Click the Register Now button to see the pricing information.

Frequently Requested Answers

  • How much is this class?
    • Click the Register Now button to access the pricing information.
  • I live in a country outside of the United States. Can I register?
    • Definitely! We offer the course virtually and in small four hour sessions to enable people from different time zones to attend.
    • All sessions are recorded for viewing online so if taking a class at 3AM is not ideal, you can watch the videos and submit questions to the instructor.
  • I don’t have a credit card to put this on. What are my options?
    • If you do not have a procurement card or your company requires an invoice or purchase order, contact us at to have one created.
  • Do I need to be a technical guru to take this class?
    • No. We will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Do you offer group discounts for multiple people?
    • Yes! If you have a number of people in your organization who need to be certified, please contact us at to get group pricing.
  • Do you offer private classes for companies?
    • Yes we do! If you want to have a course customized to your specific needs or data, please contact us at to get the private class pricing and details.
  • Do you offer non-certification prep courses in Power BI?
  • Why does this class cost so much?
    • Consider that many certification prep classes range in price from $3500 to $7000.
    • Consider the effort that goes into creating a training class.Each hour of pro level classroom time needs 8-10 hours of analysis, design, prep and delivery work to accomplish. Many classes, like Power BI, also require monthly updates which adds another two hours per month per hour of class for review and update.So for each day of class time that is three months old, let’s assume 16 hours cumulative effort per hour of instruction or roughly 400 hours of effort for a certification prep class. For simplicity, let’s call this $60,000 of investment in time and materials to be recouped. This ignores cost of time it took to learn the domain.Consider that your cost to spend 400 hours of your time to gather the same information, assuming $50/hour is $20,000.This $20,000 cost assumes you have no other valuable work to do in the 400 hours (roughly 3 months) extra you are spending to do the gathering, which may take longer as you also have to learn the domain.It also does not include the value of the knowledge gained, which may lead to bonuses and raises. It also does not include the time saved developing BI content for your company. This class pays for itself very quickly.

When is this course being conducted?

The course sessions are currently being taught as private on-site class at client companies. The next public offering date will be set soon.

If you are interested in later public dates or would like more information on our private class offering, please contact us directly at  this link and we’ll send you more information.


About the Instructor


Treb is a business intelligence expert with 24 years of experience.

Prior to becoming CEO of Marquee Insights, he worked in leadership positions at Microsoft, Starbucks, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo). He has been recognized as Data Platform Most Valued Professional by Microsoft.

Treb lives in the Seattle area with his wife, children and corgi and holds an MBA from Wake Forest University.


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The following topics are taught, based on the areas addressed by the certification test.

Consume and Transform Data By Using Power BI Desktop (20%-25%)

  • Overview of connecting to databases, files, folders, import from Excel
  • Databases
    • Connect to SQL Server using DirectQuery
    • DirectQuery referential integrity settings
    • Connect to Azure SQL Database
    • Connect to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
    • Connect to Azure HDInsight
    • Connect to SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular and Multidimensional databases
  • Files
    • Connect to Excel
    • Connect to CSV Files
    • Connect to Folders
    • Connect to Power BI Service
  • Import PowerPivot/PowerView/PowerQuery from Excel into Power BI
  • Data transformation
    • Basic transformations
    • Advanced transformations
    • Shaping and combining data with Power BI Desktop
    • Manipulating text
    • Transposing and formatting irregular data


Model and Visualize Data (45-50%)

  • Managing data relationships
    • Optimizing data models for effective visualizations
    • Optimize data models for Power BI Quick Insights
    • Enter manual data directly into model via Power BI Desktop
  • Using DAX, create calculated columns, tables and measures
    • Power BI Desktop Quick Measures
    • Create measures
    • Create columns
    • Create tables
  • Create performance KPIs
    • Calculate the actual, calculate the target, calculate actual to target
  • Create hierarchies
    • Use date and time based hierarchies
    • Use business hierarchies
    • Resolve hierarchy issues
  • Create and format interactive visualizations
    • Select a visualization type
    • Configure page layout and formatting
    • Setup visual relationships
    • Configure duplicate pages
    • Handle categories that have no data
    • Setup default summaries and categories
    • Position, align, and sort visuals
    • Enable and integrate R visuals
    • Format calculated measures
  • Manage custom reporting solutions
    • Use Power BI API
    • Use Microsoft Power BI Embedded
    • Enable developers to create and edit dashboards through custom applications
    • Enable developers to embed dashboards in applications
    • Authenticate a Power BI web application
    • Enable developers to create custom visuals


Configure Dashboards in the Power BI Service (25-30%)

  • Configure a dashboard
    • Dashboards in the Power BI service
      • Configure a dashboard
        • Add text and images
        • Filter dashboards
        • Configure dashboard settings
        • Customize the URL and title
        • Enable natural language queries
  • Publish dashboards
    • Publish to web
    • Publish to Microsoft SharePoint
    • Publish to Power BI Report Server (PBIRS)
  • Configure security for dashboards
    • Create a security group by using the Admin Portal
    • Share dashboard with users or security groups
    • Integrate with Microsoft OneDrive for Business
    • Configure row-level Security
    • Configure data gateways
  • Configure organizational content packs and apps
    • Content Packs
      • Create a content pack
      • Publish a content pack
      • Edit a content pack
      • Package dashboards and reports
    • Apps
      • Process overview
      • Creating app workspaces
      • Publishing to app workspace
      • Creating app specific content
      • Publishing apps
      • Updating app content


Have questions?

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