Founded in 2013, Marquee Insights serves our Fortune 500 clients worldwide. With expertise in healthcare, financial services, retail and engineering industries – we are dedicated to enabling better decision making.

Our passion is to grow your data culture with the human touch – we recognize people, processes and tools are all needed for success long term.


Based in Bellevue, Washington, USA, near to Seattle and close to Microsoft and Amazon’s headquarters, our expert team is well versed in the challenges and opportunities in business intelligence. Our Austin, TX office is also located in a tech center. These locations give us access to a great talent pool, Marquee Insights’ parent company, Tumble Road LLC, is a Microsoft Certified ISV Partner.

Data for humans

Conversation-Centric Design™ is how we engage with our customers to develop and implement your data culture. Based on industry-based practices this approach enables identification and understanding of your underlying business issues to find the right set of solutions for now and in the future.

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